Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Okie esta es un tipo de followup a la historia de los trekkies. El punto es este... Por què demonios alguien se obsesionaria tanto con Disneylandia como para visitarla diario?

El reportaje se centra en varios fans de Disney (usando el termino fan, un poco ampliamente y queriendo decir mega freaks)

que tan freaks?


“We’re planning a big new E-ticket ride for DCA [Disney’s California Adventure park, adjacent to Disneyland].” “We’re doing a good job on paint in New Orleans Square.” I ask him why he says “we,” since he doesn’t work for Disney and has no official role here. The question surprises him. After a pause, he replies: “I’m an owner. I own 500 shares of Disney stock.”

But that’s not why I think he says “we.” He says “we” because Disneyland is the central force in his life. Most of his friends are Disneyland regulars, people like him who don’t work here but come to the park several times a week. Most of his clothes are Disney clothes. When he worked briefly at DCA, he would get his hair cut at the Disney cast-member barbershop. “I go to Angels games, because they [used to be] owned by Disney. I never liked baseball before. I watch ABC because it’s owned by Disney. But I don’t watch TV usually. Why watch TV when I can come here and watch Fantasmic?” (That’s the water and fireworks and animation and live-action show Disney puts on every night during the summer.)

Okie, para aclarar un poco esta especifica mania tiene un precio. Y si lo consideramos es un precio barato el annual Passport, cuesta $219 con acceso ilimitado a Disneyland y DCA

Benji worked at DCA last summer, roasting coffee in Baker’s Field Bakery. “The only reason I left was to go to school so I could come back and get a real job,” he says. “Eventually, I want a salary job. I could be in the office doing something.” He imagines working in marketing, getting other people as excited about Disney as he is.

y que grupo de freaks se podria llamar a si mismo asi, sin insultar a otros grupos de freaks:

“Trekkies are devoted to some stupid pop-culture fad,” Doug says finally. “Disney fans believe in the magic.”

enuff said.

El articulo tiene muy buenos puntos. Entre estos esta la comparaciòn entre las manias de los disneyanos y unos rabinos discutiendo el talmud...

LA Weekly: Features: Keepers of the Magic Kingdom

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